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Congressman Mike Kelly VIDEO: Rep. Mike Kelly was asked by TellDC what the impacts of the TPP and...
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Jamie Bilezikjian @ Congressman Russell It seems to me President Obama’s foreign policy is weakening not...
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Congressman Steve Russell
VIDEO: Rep. Russell responds to Jamie and explains what he is seeing related to American foreign policy under Pres. Obama. 3 years ago

Phylis Perry @ Congressman Russell Why you are opposed to the TPA as it is structured?
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Congressman Steve Russell
VIDEO RESPONSE: Why you are opposed to the TPA as it is structured? 3 years ago

kevin hoffman @ Congressman Kelly Is time running out for Hillary Clinton to come clean about her actions as...
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Congressman Mike Kelly
VIDEO RESPONSE: Kevin asked Rep. Kelly if time is running out for Hillary Clinton to respond to questions about Benghazi. 3 years ago

Congressman Tom Marino EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Rep. Tom Marino describes his efforts to gain extradition of...
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Congressman Will Hurd VIDEO RESPONSE: Rep. Will Hurd responds to the question, did you support the...
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Jon Weiss @ I have called written, and e-mailed my Congressman, Senators and the White...
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Congressman Mica responds to TellDC user question about gun control. 3 years ago

AlexaS @ Congressman Rohrabacher The Innovation Act promoted by your fellow Republican Congressman Goodlatte...
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Congressman Dana Rohrabacher
VIDEO RESPONSE: Rep. Dana Rohrabacher responds to Alexa who asks about the Innovation Act being fast-tracked through Congress. 3 years ago

Yolanda Morales @ Congressman Cicilline You are pressing for an ethics bill for Congress, does this have anything to...
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Congressman David Cicilline
VIDEO RESPONSE: Rep. Cicilline explains why he feels an ethics bill is important for Congress. 4 years ago

Fiona Smeltzer @ Congressman Schiff Do you support President Obama's objectives for an open Internet and ensuring...
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Congressman Adam Schiff
VIDEO RESPONSE: Rep. Schiff responds to Fiona about the issue of net neutrality. 4 years ago

Abby Barley @ Should more attention be placed on Greek life at UMD so it doesn't receive...
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VIDEO RESPONSE: Rep. Edwards responds to a UMD student about sexual assaults on campus and in society and how to combat the problem. 4 years ago

Tori Viennnneau @ Would you approve of such a bill that provides two years of free college?
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VIDEO RESPONSE: Rep. Chris Van Hollen responds to Tori. 4 years ago

@ VIDEO RESPONSE: Rep. Edwards responds to a question from a UMD student at the...
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Alan Furuyama @ What can be done regarding students of four year universities who face...
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VIDEO RESPONSE: Watch Rep. Chris Van Hollen's Q&A with Alan about the cost of education. 4 years ago

Tanner Larkin @ Congresswoman Blackburn Is the new cyber security bill different from ones that have failed to gain...
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Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn
VIDEO RESPONSE: Rep. Blackburn responds to the question about the most recent cyber security bill. 4 years ago

Congressman C. Ruppersberger VIDEO RESPONSE:TellDC user Robert asks Congressman Ruppersberger about the...
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Dr. Ben Carson @ Congressman Thompson Do you believe the new legal immigrants will receive entitlements?
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Congressman Glenn Thompson
VIDEO RESPONSE: Rep. Glenn Thompson responds to Dr. Ben Carson's questions about the entitlement policy as it relates to illegals being protected by President Obama's new executive order. 4 years ago

George A. @ Why do you feel the government leaders of Israel are so vehemently opposed to...
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VIDEO: Congressman Whitfield responds to George about Israel and Iraq 4 years ago

kaci krieger @ Congresswoman Blackburn Is the GOP making a mistake tying immigration to such a serious issue such as...
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Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn
VIDEO RESPONSE: Rep. Blackburn responds to the question and explains who is at fault, President Obama or Congress. 4 years ago

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