Diane McKeethan (Tea Party)
State: TN
Political Party: Tea Party
Religion: Protestant
Occupation: Student
Education: 3 years college
Gender: Female
Marital Status: single
Website: http://www.facebook.com/freefroggynow
About Diane McKeethan:
More than ever our representatives need to listen to the people, and uphold the principles and letter of the Constitution. The people need to be educated about their government BEFORE they vote, and take responsibility for the kind of government they put in place. One-word slogans like 'hope' or 'change' are dangerous and may lead us into socialism quickly. I am against a Chicago style government of thugs, I am FOR a government that is fiscally responsible, upholds the CONSTITUTION, and listens to the people. We need to return to a conservative, frugal, morally responsible governance in this land. We need to protect America against foreign invasion and usurpation by foreign laws, because this land belongs to American CITIZENS and no other. May God bless her and keep her always close to Him.
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