Dorian Beach (Undecided)
State: CA
Political Party: Undecided
Occupation: President CRE8 LLC
Education: NYU
Gender: Male
Marital Status: single
Website: www.cre8la.com
About Dorian Beach:
Dorian Beach serves as President and CEO of CRE8 LLC, a full service entertainment consulting firm specializing in high-level strategy, finance, development, marketing, and production of socially relevant content for film, television, and new media. Her clients include: 944 Media, TellDC.com, Sandow Media, Newsmax Media, Vivendi Entertainment, Relativity Media, Overture Studios, M-Power Pictures, Lighting Entertainment, Regent Pictures, Stone Village Pictures, Essential Entertainment, Cold Fusion Media Group, Amy Redford's "The Guitar," the Black House Foundation, The KI, Common Peace Foundation, and Habitat for Humanity.
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