Christopher Conversion (Undecided)
State: NY
Political Party: Undecided
Occupation: Loft Conversion Specialist
Education: University
Gender: Male
Marital Status: married
Website: http://www.loftconversioners.uk
About Christopher Conversion:
Good day and thank you for visiting my profile, my name is Christopher but my mates call me Lofty most of the time, I'm a loft conversion expert working in Greenwich Village, New York. My pastimes are homebrewing, sculling and auto racing. I went to school in Sunderland and I attended University of Central Lancashire. I've got a brother Omari and a sister Myra, I have a pet gerbil Birdie. I manage a loft conversion business and help home-owners develop more living space in their homes. These days house prices are consistently increasing and not everybody can find the cash to move home when the time arises. The cost of actually relocating needs to be added to the price of the new house as well as all of the extra expenses when you're figuring out the total outlay involved. If you find that your family is getting too big for its home however you can't afford to move there are other solutions.
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