William Daniels (Green)
State: AR
Political Party: Green
Gender: Male
Website: http://bank-opening-times.com/
About William Daniels:
I am a fan of ecology and eco-solutions. I work at one of British NCP for cars. Its reference code is SCO50801. It is situated at Andrew Cowie Construction Ltd, its detailed coordinates are: latitude 57.331466, longitude -2.332413. The address of the facility is: zip code AB51 0GX, Inverurie. If you want to check us please call the owner - Admin: 01912 650500. Our point is overseen by Charge Your Car and works with Charge Your Car,ChargePlace Scotland device network. It was set up on 2015-07-16 15:29:11. Our connection is based on Type 2 Mennekes (IEC62196) connector kind. Our second connector is Type 2 Mennekes (IEC62196). In my private life I like skiing and watching films.
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