Mary Wilbur (Libertarian)
State: IL
Political Party: Libertarian
Religion: Catholic drop out
Occupation: Retired
Education: Grad. Univ.of the Pacific
Gender: Female
Marital Status: single
About Mary Wilbur:
After the 2008 crash I resolved to become debt-free. By Nov. 2012 I had succeeded; then in Jan. 2013 my house (shared with my adult daughter who is schizophrenic) went up in smoke. All the issues caused by the fire have finally been resolved. My daughter and I have downsized from 2 acres to a townhome with a postage stamp front yard and half the property taxes. I'm not a slave to debt, fashion, political correctness, food, drink or drugs. My most valuable possessions are the good health of my mind and body and my daughter, in spite of all the difficulty caused by her disability. Her father and I remain good friends, in spite of divorce. I like my life.
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