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Secretary of Labor Alexander E. Acosta (R)
Location: District of Columbia
Affiliation: Republican
Website: http://www.dol.gov/
Rating: 31%
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Robin Goldman Posted 8 years ago
Morning Hilda! Hope your Holiday is going well. Not many have that luxury during these tough times. Here are my questions: Why can't labor focus on Job TRAINING? We need more SKILLED LABOR, not just those with College Degrees. Not many people can afford even Community College these days. Also, why aren't corps. that send over 1/2 their jobs overseas be held accountable? Seems to me there should be some sort of penalty for outsourcing too much.
Why is there not retraining for older workers that are being pushed out of the workplace?
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Senior Citizen Posted 8 years ago
Are you in the process of changing the name of the Labor Department to the Labor Union Department? Seems to me that you're an union official.
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Ross Willson Posted 8 years ago
Open question.. Can we get an explanation as to why a Steel Mill project on the "Iron Range" in MN has to wait for a delivery of steel from INDIA? I would much rather have a small steel mill in AMERICA (duh) get the contract as opposed to overseas providers of manufactured goods which take JOBS!!! away from our CITIZENS!
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Senior Citizen Posted 8 years ago
Tell me again, why we have Unions and the National Labor Relations Board? Let do away with one or the other!
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Senior Citizen Posted 8 years ago
Why are you supporting the Unions? Your oath is to support the Constitution, why are you voiding your word?
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feeblepizza Posted 9 years ago
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Gerardo Gonzales Posted 9 years ago
The jobs are in China, same place the money from the GM IPO is and the majority of our national debt. Here in the states you have to be in a $150,000+ per year government job to be making it. I thought working for the government was civil service. Now most any of them are just feathering their beds with our tax dollars and making sure to line up their "consulting" job for when they retire.
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Card Check
Mikey Posted 9 years ago
Are you supporting Card Check still? One reason you mentioned it would be good is that unions would provide health care. Didn't the health care bill provide that solution?

I have a lot of friends in unions who think their health care program provided by their union stinks!

Can you and all of your friends in the Cabinet please start to talk to real people not just each other who all think your agenda is just "dandy". Before you make any more choices I suggest you check with people like me!

Thanks, I hope this helps, Mike.
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Mary Vaughn Posted 8 years ago
Users that agree says 10....I believe it is more like millions!!!!!
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Joan Posted 9 years ago
Are you in favor against Unionization?
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David Oatis Posted 9 years ago
Secretary Solis, You said when you were interviewed on CNBC you are trying to get the word out that there are jobs being created and things are getting better...

Where and in what industry are these jobs?
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