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Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue (R)
Location: District of Columbia
Affiliation: Republican
Website: http://www.usda.gov/wps/porta...
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dia sharma Posted 1 year ago
how is it possible?
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James Cooksey Posted 5 years ago
If you don't take action on this, then we will assume that you are involved in it:

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Ross Willson Posted 6 years ago
Dear Secretary Vilsack,
Please explain why the FDA cannot mandate Nutrition Labels to be accurate. FDA allows 20% difference on Food Labeling and the Director of the FDA cannot comment..
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Fiscal Responsibility
Ross Willson Posted 6 years ago
Are you asleep at the wheel? Perhaps your Department needs to be "audited" by the GAO...
You need to validate and then take necessary action to "Balance the Federal Budget"

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Burt Y. Posted 6 years ago
$32,000,000 paid to dead farmers. I'm very sure this is just the tip of the iceberg if the GAO or a private accounting firm were to step in and do an audit of any of the government agencies. Run-away crazy spending by people controlling our lives, being paid by us to spend our money. This has all got to change.
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Ross Willson Posted 6 years ago
Senator Jeff Merkley is introducing an amendment to repeal the Monsanto Protection Act � the outrageous provision which allows Monsanto and other companies to ignore court orders to stop selling their GMO seeds, despite safety concerns. Tell the Senate to take action:
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Fiscal Responsibility
Senior Citizen Posted 7 years ago
Remember how upset the citizens are when gouged by the oil cartels. Now comes the drought where the citizens will be gouged at the supermarket. What are you doing to release government stored gain into the private sector? We have paid to grow, store it and mostly give it to other Natons. Now it seems we will pay to keep it off the market.
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Child Advocacy
Sally Rewinkel Posted 7 years ago
This thing about watching out for farm children is about as ridiculous and Obama thinking he's actually made America better. Stop this madness! Let children do what they've been doing since the beginning of time. Helping out at home and doing what they can.
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Terry XandersWinchester Posted 7 years ago
Why isn't there more $$ given to those who grow our food without the use of pesticides???? In case you haven't noticed there are more and more 'new' diseases out there. Many of them caused by the influx of pesticides. Our bodies can only filter so much! How about $$ going to farmers who are willing to go au natural and actually improving our health as a nation? It would help keep medical costs down as well!
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LeeAnn Gerleman Posted 8 years ago
Since it takes about a half gallon of gasoline to make a gallon of ethanol with corn, why are they not allowing hemp to be grown in this country? I'm not talking marijuana to smoke, but hemp, which is a tall plant, with lots of cellulose that makes ethanol a lot better and cheaper than corn ethanol. We could also get our rope material, fabric material out of it before loading it in the ethanol plants. In iowa, here, we could grow hemp on hills and valleys that are no good for corn or beans. It would bring in extra money, and could be vital to the ethanol plant, instead of corn.
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William LeFils Posted 8 years ago
Mexican drug cartels are said to make 70% of their income from cannabis; why not grow this in America and deny the criminals their funding? The same holds true for opium which supports the terrorists; The US uses half the worlds opium, why not grow it here and deny the Terrorists their funds?
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