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Governor Eric Holcomb Grissom (R)
Location: Indiana
Affiliation: Republican
Website: http://www.in.gov/gov/
Rating: 81%
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Ruthanne Morris Posted 6 years ago
I would like to know why the streets of Indianapolis are so littered with trash. Our city is dirty and it is almost to the point of being embarrassing to drive down the city streets of Indianapolis. The streets are either in need of repair from "pot holes' or are just plain filthy from all of the trash on the ground. Our highways are affected also. What happened to the "Clean-up, Paint-up, Fix-up, mantra of yester-year, maybe we should re-implement some of the old ways of the past our cities were cleaner then. I hope that "pork-barrel spending" is not applicable in this situation.
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Fiscal Responsibility
Charlie Peebles Posted 6 years ago
Why can't Democrats and Main Stream Republicans deal with fiscal responsibility? Our country is "going down the tubes" over this issue. The Government can't take care of every body. We need to be teaching self reliance and individual responsibilit. That's the way I have lived my life--take care of myseld, and I have done a pretty good job if it.
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Dan Collins Posted 6 years ago
why can't we use our own oil . quit supporting countries that do not like us!
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Senior Citizen Posted 6 years ago
The Federal Health Insurance individual mandate is unconstitutionally making people purchase a service, then, isn't forcing individuals to pay union dues when they are union members just as unconstitutional? I know you are afraid of the Unions but do give me a real answer.
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Peter Halvorson Posted 6 years ago
Rod, This isn't the situation. Questions for you.

Is it the responsibility of the individual or the government to make sure you have the best health care possible?

When you want this and you don't have money to pay for it should the federal government insure that at least the minimum level of health care is available?

Does anyone force you to join a union?

Can you answer these questions?
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Fiscal Responsibility
Senior Citizen Posted 6 years ago
You said Indiana voters, 'just don't get it'. Here's what I get: Democrat in the majority - force bills down our throats; Democrat in the minority--high jack the legislature. What don't you get?
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Senior Citizen Posted 7 years ago
Can we get 'none of the above' on the 2012 ballet? Both parties are ineffective; we might not want to send either party's choice to Congress next time. Some of the members of Congress are so ineffective that we could simply save the expense.
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feeblepizza Posted 7 years ago
Governor Daniels, you have made such an improvement as Governor of the Hoosier State. Will you please take the opportunity to run for the White House in 2012? We need someone with your leadership skills and the ability to turn terrible situations around to lead our nation through the decade. The people need you, and they need you desperately. Please, Mitch, run for President!!!!!!!!
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health care
strelllnikof Posted 7 years ago
Can we, will you repel this misguided health care bill?
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