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Congressman Patrick McHenry (R)
Location: North Carolina (10th district)
Affiliation: Republican
Website: http://mchenry.house.gov/
Rating: 100%
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Vicki White Posted 7 years ago
My favorite Congressman: Congratulations on a 100% rating (I'm not surprised and rated you 5 also). As an unemployed veteran with a neurological problem that causes extreme pain, I was very surprised at the VA hospital recently to learn that Lidoderm patches aren't available at the VA. These patches provide excellent pain relief to the affected area. My pain is nowhere near what these young kids losing limbs suffer, but would help them. I got prescription I can't afford to pay for, but I'm most concerned about those wounded on the battlefield. Please look into this! THANK YOU!
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Proud_Dad Posted 7 years ago
Imagine if you will if McDonald's or even Bojangles were fined a minimum of $10,000 per illegal that is employed. How that would effect the national debt crisis.Replace them each with unemployed high school or college students.

I counted 9 hispanic or foreign employees on duty at one time in Charlotte one morning. That's $90,000 dollars in one sweep. So what are you doing to enforce current federal laws?
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Philip Posted 10 years ago
Where do you stand on the Transparency of Obama not showing his Birth Certificate. I am not a birther that has been given this name by the lunatic media, I am an american who loves freedom and our constitution and what it stands for. I have the right to know if the fraud in the white house is a true american citizen and if not then a criminal act has ben foisted upon the american people.

Thank You.
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