Tell President Obama to fund two vaccines that help poverty illnesses in developing counties.
Childhood vaccines are one of the most cost-effective ways to save lives and prevent disease for a lifetime. Please fund two proven new vaccines that will help stop pneumonia and diarrhea - two of the biggest killers of children in poor countries
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Michael Ryan Posted 6 years ago
The only way to fix the illness of poverty is to support competition through a Free Market Capitalistic economy.
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Scott Fitzpatrick Posted 8 years ago
What the hell are you? Why do you think America should be financially responsible for other countries problems? Have your Ireland pay for it NOT THE US! America can no longer fund anything outside the United States. I as an AMERICAN TAX PAYER WILL NOT ALLOW ANY MORE TAX PAYER FUNDING FOR ANYTHING THAT IS OUTSIDE OF THE UNITED STATES.
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aage hoffman Posted 7 years ago
American money should be used to help Americans first. We have starving. poor citizens and veterans who continue to struggle but you would rather spend our money on other countries. Let the rest of the world step up and do something for a change.Lets rebuild ourselves and spend our money at home for a change.
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