Democratic National Committee
Do you fully support the Democratic National Committee?
Do you fully support the Democratic National Committee? The Democratic National Committee provides national leadership for the Democratic Party of the United States.
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patricia cart Posted 8 months ago
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Lonna Cook Posted 8 months ago
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Bob Cook Posted 6 years ago
The Democrats have become Anti-American Worker, favoring foreigners over their own citizens, especially our unemployed citizens! You will get our vote of NO in the next election!
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james tibbs Posted 6 years ago
How can a working person in the state of Maryland possibly vote for the democrats? They raise every tax, and tolls, fees registration ex. boat registration, vehicle tags, registration, gas tax, it goes on and on. All to cater to the non contributors for their votes, hince the socialist/nanny state of Maryland
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Terry AdamsStromsky Posted 4 years ago
Democrats have destroyed our nation over the last 7 years. Taking away American rights. They want bigger and bigger Government to control every part of our lives. Dividing our nation. I would NEVER vote Democrat. They lie and are un-American if you ask me.
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