Republican National Committee
Do you fully support the Republican National Committee?
Do you fully support the Republican National Committee? The Republican National Committee (RNC) provides national leadership for the Republican Party of the United States.
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edu birdie Posted 2 months ago
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dissertation bestuk Posted 2 months ago
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Mike Clark Posted 4 years ago
Why didn't Justices Ginsberg and Kagan after presiding at many same sex a And Gay weddings , recuse themselves from the decision to legalize Gay Marriage in every State , it was like they were cheering for this decision of Dysfunctional Justice.
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Joseph Morrow Posted 4 years ago
Why should there still be political parties to support?

Our Constitution starts "We the People", but in practice it reads "we the political parties"!

How long until we return to recognition of the founding principles of individual responsibility and individual merit. The most important grouping of individuals should be our families!

Let's all delve into understanding where our Founders got their principles and character which freed this nation and produced our great National Documents.
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Mr Wall Posted 5 years ago
Dear RNC,
And you do nothing in the face of the Liar in Chief...
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Mr Wall Posted 5 years ago
Dear RNC,
Here are my issues:
1. I do not want you in my wife or daughter's bedroom.
2. You support big business but NOT SMALL business.
3. Why do you refuse to reform the tax code, GE pays no taxes and small business is nailed to the cross? 4. This country was built on the backs of entrepreneurs, yet you gave Wall Street billions, awarded the law suit mortgages bankers billions, yet you do nothing to change the laws or taxes to favor the small business person. And you wonder why BO was elected? I am disgusted by you right now...
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Michael Jones Posted 12 months ago
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John Chapman Posted 5 years ago
Any comments on the following? http://conservativetribune.com/obama-just-threatened-israel/
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Bob Cook Posted 5 years ago
Not if you continue to support amnesty and doubling the number of Visa workers!
Americans have had it with this issue! Millions upon millions of US citizen's have lost their jobs forever! Lost their homes, and now having a hard time to gather up enough money to pay rent!

Siding with the Democrats on this issue, is insane and political suicide!

WE will vote out everyone that favors illegals and more Visa workers over their own citizens!

Talk to Senator Jeff Sessions, the only one that stands with citizens! Then tell him that we the people thank him!
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JR Smith Posted 5 years ago
Yesterday I watched Sen. John McCain tell us that Sens. Cruz & Lee's effort was a 'Fool's Errand'. Sens. Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Kelly Ayotte, &John Cornyn have decided 'newcomers' like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee just need to shut up/follow the OLD GUARD msgs of chronies who accomplish nothing for their voters.
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E. Woeley Posted 5 years ago
The RNC has a great and unblemished record now, of funding losers and denying funding to positive winners, funding especially those failed campaign strategists who grow rich while sabotaging American patriots and even sabotaging their own candidates - viz., Mitt Romney, who although seen a weak candidate as soon as selected by RNC, won the 1st debate over Obama with strength, and then was muzzled by the established advisors in the last two debates, confirming his unwillingness to solve the real problems of USA by retreating from the fight against socialism and Marxism. RNC = Losers!
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Rex Mueller Posted 5 years ago
on principal my allegiance since the end of Reagan's term has been the lessor of two evils.

When the RNC get's some gonad's and quits bringing RINO's up for national election I will support them. Right now I am aligned with libertarians. the RNC has been hijacked by turbo Christian Nazis and Rinos.
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David Swanson Posted 8 years ago
I would respect the Republican National Committee a heck of a lot more if you got behind candidates that could actually beat Obama. This time WE THE PEOPLE need to pick our leader. No more allowing the Media or the establishment GOP choosing our next leader. My choice is..... and my only choice.... ALLEN WEST!

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Michael Ryan Posted 6 years ago
Only way to remove the Establishment is to reduce the population of the District of Columbia.
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Craig Olson Posted 6 years ago
I Do NOT fully support the Republican National Committee.
I'd vote for Allen West too!
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ryingling Posted 8 years ago
The Republican party consistently shoots themselves in the foot by speaking in generalities. For example "Job Killing Health Care Bill". I agree, but start telling people why or how it kills jobs in terms they can relate to. "The national debt will be born by our children and grandchildren." So what? Start telling people WHY and HOW. They only gloss over the generalities and the GOP gains little.
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Craig Olson Posted 6 years ago
I Do NOT fully support the Republican National Committee.
Nor do I support the DNC. I do NOT Trust this Administration.
The GOP should hire a better PR agency, while creating a better marketing campaign strategy. People are fed-up with the tired OLD song and dance routine, dog and pony show. Both parties should seriously take to hot air balloons made in their cartoon-images & climb aboard. With all the Hot Air in Washington, DC, getting aloft should be a piece of steak. Don't hurry back.
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