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Matts mama Posted 9 years ago
President Obama,

First and foremost, I did not vote for you. You promised in your campaign to get our troops out of the middle east as soon as possible. Not only did you not get them out, you've started a THIRD war. Gas prices are the highest they have ever been since you got in office, yet everyone is still blaming the Bush admin. I think you have some explaining to do.
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Collin Cantrell Posted 6 years ago
Just to set the facts straight, I live in rural Northeast Alabama. Gas prices right now are roughly $3.20. When I started driving, Hurricane Rita hit the Gulf creating one of the worst gas pricing fiascoes at least in my state's history. Over night, the prices went up from around $2.70 to more than $5.00 and people were only allowed 10 gallons at a time, which doesn't get you far in a truck. Now, I don't know where you live, or what the gas prices have been as opposed to now, but I think you have blown things out of proportion assuming that gas prices are higher now than they were then.
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Craig Olson Posted 7 years ago
I'm anti--Stupid, NOT anti-war. Remember when Pres., Bush was labeled as HITLER? Gutta hand it to the liberal media. Let's see if the Propaganda Minister will appease the masses given Bengahzi-gate, IRS interrogation a la Tea Party, AP Illegal search & Seizure, Fast & Furious Fiasco, and the murder of Lance Corporal Gregory T. Buckley, Jr. by Militant Terrorists. Besides, where I live nobody seems terribly alarmed about all the political intrigue & subterfuge here or abroad. After all, Socialism is just one (goose) step closer to Communism. Just ask Van Jones
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