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The Blaze is a verb. We are action. We are restoration.
We believe Americans seek information, truth, and empowerment.

We believe Americans want to put principles above politics.

We believe that America was built on hard work, and that capitalism has lifted more people out of squalor, sickness, and slavery than any other system.

As a company we strive to do as Jefferson said: Question with boldness, hold to the truth, and speak without fear.

We do not color in the lines, nor play by the rules established by either of the parties or by the media that has empowered them with distortion.

We never treat our viewers or readers like idiots. We respect their desire to be informed so they can be useful and effective citizens.

We are not interested in left and right. We seek answers to right and wrong.

We are more than a media company. We are a community, a gathering place, and a source for inspiration & education. Our goal is to educate, empower, engage and entertain.

The Blaze is a verb. We are action. We are restoration.

We are proud to be Americans. We believe hard work is the foundation of a great country and a great company. We are driven by our values: faith, family, ingenuity, respect, and truth.

As a country and a company we recognize that we will get it wrong from time to time, but we’ll boldly correct our mistakes, learn from them, and come back stronger.

We answer to God and you. We ask for your feedback, your ideas, and your questions. Only through mutual respect and dialogue can we grow and build for the future.

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TammyLynn Posted 6 years ago
Absolutly... the US has an immigration policy. Period!
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Craig Olson Posted 6 years ago
AH, but what good is any policy if a government policy is not appropriately and strictly enforced for the betterment or good for all (Genuinely) legal U.S. Citizens? That's the point: Changing demographics coupled with ever increasing Socialist-government (Tyrannical growth) is creating the "New Amerika." The Communists ultimately seek to divide AND conquer. Besides, we do not have a fence for a boarder. According to Sen. John McCain we have a Banana. He's right - We are fast becoming a Banana Republic, Hugo Chavez style.
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Lorena Remmell Posted 6 years ago
Why do you and your administration ignore the fact that our country is a soveriegn nation and as such, has the right to limit those who enter our country, including monitoring, apprehending, and deporting of illegal immigrants?
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Craig Olson Posted 6 years ago
Should illegal immigration be stopped? Your kidding - this is not a trick question - correct? HELL YESSSSSSSSSSS,
Because we are being undermined by in-your-face anti-American COMMUNIST styled propaganda, 24/7. Because Power and Money are the order of the day in Washington, DC. Because illegal immigrants granted "Amnesty" guarantees a growing Democratic voting block. Because we learn from history that we do NOT learn from History. Some JOKE.
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R DePasquale Posted 6 years ago
Mr. Schumer, "immigration reform" does not mean giving amnesty to 11 million or more lawbreakers. I hope your ass is thrown out of office.
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Craig Olson Posted 6 years ago
Thrown outta office? NEVER GONNA HAPPEN. Gimie a break, man. This cat has connections, tons of MONEY & a Contract - (if ya know what I mean).
A dead person has a better chance of walking free than any corrupt politician doing the Perp-walk. R U Kidding?
Besides if WE THE little PEOPLE don't band together & say, "Hey Enough Already" - what becomes of us? I'm surrounded by the-living-dead as far as politics is concerned. Nobody in my immediate neighborhood seys a damn word. Talk about Sequestration...we are IT man.
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