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Do you think it should be legal for law enforcement to demand to see "papers"?
Do you think it should be legal for law enforcement to demand to see "papers" from people who they suspect are "unlawfully present" in the US?
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Vickie Allison Posted 7 years ago
I think Illegal Immigrants suck the resources out of our state which in turn take it away from the tax payers and their families that might need it, it limits the funds we could be using to improve the lives of the our own citizens, the citizens that are legal and pay taxes.
Why do people come here????? It’s because we give so much stuff away to Illegal Immigrants. We should STOP giving away farm people. We need to send people back if they are here illegally and close our boarders.
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Vickie Allison Posted 7 years ago
What part of “Illegal” don’t people understand when it comes to Illegal Immigrants.
I think the police/authorities should be able to ask for proof of citizenship from anyone they encounter during a stop. I think that if people don’t have the required paper work they should be held until they do or returned to their country of origin.
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Mary Duff Posted 8 years ago
I don't have a question only a statement... You all can go bite the big one as you aren't doing a dang thing to better this country... all you are doing is to help detroy it!!!!!
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Craig Olson Posted 6 years ago
Did you know that the so-called American Civil Liberties Union was founded by a devout Communist by the name of Roger Baldwin in the 1920's? Did you know that there is an ACLU federal government office located in every State of The - now disjointed - Union? And did you know the ACLU picks & chooses what issues to support based on a "in-your-face" Socialist-styled Agenda? Nah! Couldn't happen here. After all, We're Americans...We're FREE. (oh really?)
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