Do you support labor unions?
Do you support labor unions? The AFL-CIO union movement represents 11.5 million members, including 3 million members in Working America, its community affiliate. We are teachers and miners, firefighters and farm workers, bakers and engineers, pilots and public employees, doctors and nurses, painters and plumbers—and more.
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Collin Cantrell Posted 6 years ago
I will only support unions as long as workers can join at their own volition, rather than being forced to join by state mandate. Workers should not have to pay union fees if the union does not acknowledge their voice. Unions have started overreaching and are forcing companies that would have otherwise chosen to establish jobs in the U.S. to look somewhere else. Let's also not forget how helpful the unions were to Detroit when it went bankrupt. I thank God that I live in Alabama, where unions do not strangle the working man and the economy.
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REVOLUTIONary2B Posted 8 years ago
Unions have gone to far, and their original noble purpose is outdated by current labor protectin laws. Unions hurt us all and give advantage to foreign companies. They amount to no more than working wellfare. I've got a new bumper sticker for you: WORK UNION/LIVE AS A SELFISH LEACH ON AMERICAN SOCIETY
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Craig Olson Posted 6 years ago
Sam Gompers would be shocked. Unions are good provided they do good things. Historically recorded methods & activities or "Chicago-styled politics" is full of illegal & unlawful "Crimes & Union Bosses." Now, we have an Administration OUT-OF-CONTROL. ABUSE OF POWER is UN-GODLY & Un-Constitutional. Conservatives have warned against BIGGER Government. President Ronald Reagan's words rings louder: "BIGGER government is NOT the solution - BIGGER GOVERNMENT IS THE PROBLEM." Any questions?
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Geoff Grossman Posted 7 years ago
If everyone received a pension that would be great but that is not the case. I work really hard and do not have one; at 52 I was relying on hard work and a stable economy for my retirement. I have lost over 50% of my net worth over the past 4 yrs and I am disgusted at the Unions, Governemnt and Billionaires for destroying my country. Sorry if the truth hurts. I love the people in the Unions but we can not afford allocating resources to a few at the expense of all hard working, tax paying, struggling citizens.
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Jerry Hasselson Posted 8 years ago
Its just so obvious we need Ron Paul Gary Johnson and the like

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