Do you stand up for democracy?
It's time to rescue our government from corporations and lobbyists. Do you stand up for democracy?
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Scott Fitzpatrick Posted 9 years ago
No I stand for a Republic, not your draconic socialism cloaked as democracy. Move.org is a Marxist origination that is a treat to all Americas Freedoms.
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Bryant Posted 9 years ago
Hey, I thought MoveOn was a lobbyist group??? What then?
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Karen Rickard Posted 8 years ago
They are a George Soros funded lobby group who side with the Communist Party, Socials, Marxists, and Unions...There stand for "democracy" is for a socialist justice for all baloney....take a look at Europe it is falling apart due to socialism and these morons are pushing for it.....read, educate your self and then MOVE AS FAR AWAY FROM THIS ORGANIZATION AS POSSIBLE
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Lorena Remmell Posted 9 years ago
Hey, your right they are a lobbyinst organization.
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