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Would you like to strengthen and restore our Christian heritage?
Our country and culture are experiencing moral decay. History proves that the Church can - and should - be a powerful voice for good. Salt & Light Citizenship Ministry mobilizes concerned Christians to pray, become educated, and take action on issues that undermine our biblical values and constitutional liberties.
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Rosita Gonzalez Posted 7 years ago
How can I get a Salt and Light Ministry started in my Church?
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Craig Olson Posted 6 years ago
Keep praying. Prayers are very powerful weapons. Given this Spiritual War being waged from Evildoers against ALL TRUE BELIEVERS - Christians, Jews,Etc must not give up nor give in. Persecution, however, is a time worn tradition practiced by those on the road to Perdition. Luciferians agree that pure Evil flourishes on Earth, Genuine Godliness or goodness, comes from the heart-triumphant in the end. Individually & Collectively - WE create for ourselves Our Heaven or Hell on Earth. The choice is ultimately OURS to make on a DAILY basis. AMEN. This is Not magical. This is SPIRITUAL REALITY.
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Dran Reese Posted 7 years ago
First share the ministry with your pastor. Download a brochure from the website at www.saltandlightcouncil.org. Ask him to appoint a leader to come to an all-day training. Anyone is welcome to the training to learn Prayer, Biblical Worldview Education resources, how to take action appropriately at the church, about disseminating election materials and the restoration of America to its Bibical and moral foundations. www.saltandlightcouncil.org
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