Read the Bill
Read the Bill
We deseve the right to read and discuss every bill proposed before it's voted on
Members of Congress have a bad habit of rushing bills through without thoroughly reading them. Because of this, we have no way to protect ourselves from self-serving interests who have hi-jacked the political process and are getting laws passed that favor themselves.

Poorly thought out laws have become the norm in Congress.

We need to be able to protect ourselves from these poorly thought out before the vote, not after it has been passed and the damage has been done.

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Best to you,
Jerrol LeBaron
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Stephen H Posted 6 years ago
I believe that every congress person should be required to read every bill they vote on and voting should be delayed to allow for this. Also every bill should be read out loud in congress before a vote takes place and every congress person should be required to take and pass a test on the contents of the bill before they are allowed to vote.
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Janeann Hudson Posted 5 years ago
We pay highly trained staffers to do this because we tend to elect models and ideologues who really do not have the mental capacity to run the government, but comfort us in how they look or how they sound..
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Joe McDowell Posted 6 years ago
Thanks for this comment. I fully concur with the content.
So many Bills get the Political Touch, and Most Votes get taken without these "Elected Officials ever knowing the items that "WON'T PASS" are secretly inputted, behind the scenes/under the table means. Most ALWAYS with NO CONSENT or APPROVALS prior to "BACK-DOOR Policies.

what these Laws are SAYING
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