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Congressman Tom Marino (R)
Location: Pennsylvania (10th district)
Affiliation: Republican
Website: http://marino.house.gov/
Rating: 78%
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Mary Kyle Posted 3 years ago
I would like 1 good reason to support Trump. He would be a disaster for our country. Imagine what Would happen if he talked over someone in the service or a diplomat from Europe. He has no interest in any but himself. And who will trust him? I was disappointed to see you backing him. He would ruin our country,. I have voted since 1948 and never saw one as bad as Trump. He needs to be stopped. Mary
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Harvey IL Locksmith Posted 2 years ago
good creative
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Sally Rhodes Posted 3 years ago
Mr.Marino,Why is congress hands so tied?TPP/TPA secrecy?MSM=no truth.Do reps act/fail to act due to fear/blackmail?Insane purchases/action by dhs/fema,Jade helm/military buildup,DUMBS,patriot act, govt funded/armed terrorists with open borders,NSA,FM 3-39.40,executive orders,virus scares,Blackops budget,$$$collapse,endless war/spending unwanted by citizens,vulnerable grid(perhaps worst threat), We deserve FULL DISCLOSURE(even if it stings)/direction on collective action needed before shtf.Is tyranny ahead?Who pulls the strings?NOT US whom our leaders are to serve. Thank you,peace,Sally
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Health Care
Diane Armato Posted 3 years ago
I stopped in at your Lake Ariel office to deliver letter asking you to co-sponsor HR 1953-114 Congress " No Exemption for Washington from ObamaCare Act" introduced by Cong Ron DeSantis. Currently, members of Congress and their Congressional staff enjoy a taxpayer subsidy. This is unfair. Congress and their staff should not be given special relief of the harmful effects that ObamaCare is causing ordinary taxpayers.

Please let me know when you co-sponsor this legislation or the reason you won't.

Thank you.
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Congressman Tom Marino Posted 3 years ago
EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Rep. Tom Marino describes his efforts to gain extradition of the murder suspects Franklin and Sanutti-Spencer.

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Big Government
Congressman Tom Marino Posted 4 years ago
EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Rep. Tom Marino describes the programs for regulatory reform he is promoting in Washington DC.

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Margaret Tull Posted 3 years ago
get rid of obozoe and hillairy Clinton john carry vallerry jarrett charge ll with yeasn
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Lon Cabot Posted 4 years ago
The President is announcing his plan for new taxes and closing loopholes for corporations so taxes can be lowered for the lower and middle class. Is there any way his plan could work?
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Congressman Tom Marino Posted 4 years ago
VIDEO RESPONSE: Rep. Marino tells Lou how he feels about taxes and what he feels creates jobs and strengthens the US economy.

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Mark Yoder Posted 4 years ago
Way to go Congressman Marino - I know you sponsored H.R.237 -- the "Federal Hiring Freeze" bill. I don't see that it has been enacted but you are on the right track. What can I do as a citizen and supporter to help shrink government?
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Congressman Tom Marino Posted 4 years ago
VIDEO RESPONSE: Rep. Marino talks to Mark about the size of government and his plans to downsize the federal government and give more control back to the states.

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maharushie38 Posted 8 years ago
I read that Tom Corbett is NOT going to follow Wisconsin's lead and take on the public worker unions in our state. Are you in agreement with Governor Corbett that such a measure would not pass in PA even considering the obvious republican mandate ordered at the 2010 voting polls?
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Marta Kulsa Posted 3 years ago
Thats great!
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