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Former Governor Sarah Palin (R)
Location: Alaska
Affiliation: Republican
Website: http://www.sarahpac.com/
Rating: 81%
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Master Flash Posted 4 years ago
How'r YOU doin'? *flashes smile*
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James Cooksey Posted 6 years ago
Pete Kelly is a dumbass and should be beaten with a rolled up Constitution until he promises to keep his mouth shut:

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Joanne Creek Posted 6 years ago
Mrs Palin,
I have been watching you ever since you ran for vice president in 2008. I admire you and the way you fight for the conservatives and how you are somewhat of a squeeky wheel. I want to know if you are going to continue to fight regardless of who ends up being our president. It would be nice to know that you and other conservatives are not going away anytime soon. You go girl!
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mary duvall Posted 6 years ago
Do you plan on running for office again? If so please come to Ohio. We need you! How can we the American people get rid of that DEVIL in the White House. What a mess he has made of this country. It will takes us years to recover! I am so ashamed of our government. Thank you for your service.
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Ronald James Posted 6 years ago
Why doesn't some one STAND UP an ask to those of us that want to empeach this This so called President!!!! Hes a lier,clearly does not know what he is doing-and he is in the WHITE HOUSE.He has taken this country to the lowest level of any past Preasident!! Some one has to STAN_UP and start the ball rollind.I gave my time in the service (PAID MY DUES) and don't like where we are going!!!!- Lets get HIM out of THAT SEAT!!!!HE's NOT WOTHERY OF IT
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James Cooksey Posted 7 years ago

And so it begins.

I hope the idiots that voted for the Commie in the White House are happy now... May they all burn in Hell.

What do the cowards in Congress plan on doing about this? NOTHING?

There will be blood in our streets if Congress doesn't do something NOW!

Please use your influence to force Congress into action.
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James Cooksey Posted 8 years ago
Ask yourself why Congress and the President INSIST on NOT cutting off the BILLIONS that we are sending to the ones that want to and are killing us.. JUST HOW MUCH OF THOSE BILLIONS ARE COMING BACK TO POCKETS IN CONGRESS AND THE WHITE HOUSE??? FOLLOW THE MONEY AND PUT SOME PEOPLE IN JAIL. .
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James Cookey Posted 8 years ago
The problem with the cost of healthcare is not insurance, it's the COST OF HEALTHCARE... When an MRI costs $2800 and only takes 20 minutes, that's thievery. When open heart surgery costs upward of $250,000 ... that's greed.
Instead of spending the trillions that the government is spending arguing and plotting about insurance, here's a good solution:
Build a super hospital in each state. Have that state's citizens register by proving they are a US citizen (birth cert.)... Then when someone gets sick, they call for an appointment and go get healed free of charge...
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Health Care
Mary Vaughn Posted 8 years ago
Gov. Palin,
Looks like you were right....If IPAB passes....death panels will soon be playing in a town near us!!
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Mary Vaughn Posted 8 years ago
Why can we not bring up the eligibility issue???? Why is everyone afraid? This man is taking our country down.....
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