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Senator John Cornyn (R)
Location: Texas
Affiliation: Republican
Website: http://cornyn.senate.gov/
Rating: 72%
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Foreign Policy
1oldltimer Posted 6 years ago
Dear Senator Cornyn,

How much more of Obama's violating his Constitutional authority and disrespect of the Senate and House will it take before Congress takes action to impeach him?

I am sick of his unilateral actions bypassing the Senate and House which endanger our Nation!

Obama is unfit to serve.

The Senate and House have the power to stop this insanity. Why do our elected representatives continue to sit on their hands?

M. Rhymes
TX 75081
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Health Care
James Cooksey Posted 6 years ago
What better way to get rid of that nightmare call ObamaDontCare (ACA) than declare it as NOT signed by legal President?
Since it is proven that Obama is NOT eligible to be President, then everything he has signed into law is NOT a law... Including ObamaDontCare.
Do your job and file charges against Obama!

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Health Care
Todd Schweikert Posted 7 years ago
Why is that Congress excepted themselves from "ObamaCare" instead of including themselves in the law? If this law is so good for the American citizens, then it should be good enough for members of Congress.
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Silver Palomino Posted 7 years ago
You forgot to mention that not only is congress and their staff exempt from this otherwise"mandatory" law, but so si "The Obama, and his family. Just a point to never forget the "One" who started this mess but refuses to be subjected 6to its consequences.
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SK Griffin Posted 7 years ago
I agree. This question definitely deserves an answer. We all know what that answer is though! We are not in their class (elitist). Although they do work for us and it does seem it should be the other way around.
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Ross Willson Posted 7 years ago
Senator Cornyn,
Please stand firm, do NOT allow Senator Reid to change the rules of the Senate. I would suggest that Filibuster is needed to prove the point and prevent Senator Reid, from using his "Nuclear Option. The rules of Senate must be maintained they have worked for decades, if this action is allowed The Senate at some point may become irrelevant.
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Robert Snyder Posted 7 years ago
What are you doing about this Saudi National who they are deporting? Dio you know the details? Are you demanding answers Thats what your supossed to be doing. Don't let these people cover this up.
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Mikey Posted 7 years ago
Problem I see is they ship them out and then the same terrorists sneak back over the border with all the other illegals.
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Eric Hall Posted 8 years ago
what are you doing to control spending?
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Diana Koon Posted 8 years ago
We are a country of laws. Illegal is illegal, no shades of gray. Children born is the US don't make them citizens. Children born to US citizens are citizens!! If I were born in France, I still would not be a ciitizen of France!!! Those who follow the process for citizenship pay thousands of dollars and time to attain the legal right to becoe citizens. Don't minimize their efforts!!! Make the process to become citizens easier, reform the process.
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Douglas Carter Posted 8 years ago
Is their a dimes worth of difference between you politician from either side Democrates or Republican because I believe y'all have so screwed up this country and have totally disregarded the Constitution that I'm ashame to be called by either party's name !
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Douglas Carter Posted 8 years ago
Why are we wasting money in other country's rebuilding Mosque where is the separation of church and state !
Social security is something we paid for and our employer paid for but every time you guys get in a bind from the so called president to the senate and congress y'all want to talk about cutting benefits to the retired and I'm sick of you guys playing gods you guys serve 1 term and are set for life you please tell me how 1 term in anything would give you guys such prestige and y'all screw the ppl that pays you darn bill s
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Foreign Policy
Amy Azcarate Posted 8 years ago
Do you stand with Israel?
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