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Alan Furuyama Posted 3 years ago
What can be done regarding students of four year universities who face increasing costs and are not helped by President Obama's proposal?
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cao hoang Posted 11 months ago
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Harvey IL Locksmith Posted 2 years ago
Really Inspirational
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Harvey IL Locksmith Posted 2 years ago
What a talent
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Posted 3 years ago
VIDEO RESPONSE: Watch Rep. Chris Van Hollen's Q&A with Alan about the cost of education.

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Tori Viennnneau Posted 3 years ago
Would you approve of such a bill that provides two years of free college?
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Posted 3 years ago
VIDEO RESPONSE: Rep. Chris Van Hollen responds to Tori.

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Ernest Baynard Posted 3 years ago
Congressman-- i am privileged to work with a number of U.S. Small Businesses that support national security and our armed forces. I understand Democrats are leading the charge to push for Strong Made in the USA legislation to promote American Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs. Are you supportive of this effort? What are you doing on this front?
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Posted 3 years ago
Congressman Christopher Van Hollen responds to TellDC User Ernest Baynard.

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Energy & Environment
yeoldgrump Posted 3 years ago
Government has no right to tell me what I can or cannot purchase. Light bulbs are an item that I have the right to purchase and not have government tell me what kind. Florescent bulbs cause me and my son to have migraine headaches. We can't use them. Further, I can buy several packages of incandescent bulbs for what it costs for one florescent and the incandescent is made in U.S.A and not China.
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Anthony B. Jones Posted 3 years ago
Florescent bulbs don't hurt me at all, work under them every day... BUT my wife is mad enough to spit if she has to use those florescent bulbs! I'll keep family peace and side with you on this one for-sure! Don't ban standard light bulbs Congressman Van Hollen, please for the sake of a husband wanting a happy wife!
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William LeFils Posted 3 years ago
I agree. Though I don't suffer migraines, I do suffer from the insufficient light provided by these over-priced and environmentally-unfriendly bulbs - containing mercury, a serious pollutant and killer. It's the equivalent of the additives to gasoline that had to be removed because they caused worse pollution than they prevented. Who is getting paid off? Is all of Congress on the take?
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Denise TarpleyEzell Posted 3 years ago
Small business loans are worthless if the Democrats continue with their tax and spend policies. The tax code needs to be completely overhauled, which is apparently over the heads of you politicians. However, I digress. Here's how you fix the economy: stop spending more than you take in. Too difficult for you to figure out? Ok. One, no new taxes. No, really, NONE. Two, tap our own oil resources in Alaska, including Prudhoe Bay. Mine for coal in MT, WY, SD, ND. This will create jobs and stop sending billions of dollars to the volatile Middle East. Next question.
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Kim Colen Posted 7 years ago
Recently the Republicans have attempted to repeal lighting efficiency standards for light bulbs that were passed with strong bipartisan support several years ago— this seems to be a step backwards and a huge waste of time—shouldn't Members of Congress be focused on the pressing financial issues facing our nation right now and not turning back the clock on sensible standards that spur innovation and help protect our environment?
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Fiscal Responsibility
Ross Willson Posted 7 years ago
I do hope you plan to cut the size of the Federal Government and spreading the cuts over 10 years will not work. You and the other Democratic Members of the Debt Commission need to realize we as a Nation are tired of being taxed to death while the Lobbyists work their agenda, Hopefully Citizens in your District will watch you and if you attempt to follow the Pelosi mandate by raising taxes, fees or revenue without immediate deep cuts in the 7 - 8 Trillion range within a 24 -36 month time frame you may possibly be looking for a new job.
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Joan Posted 8 years ago

I watched you on Meet the Press this morning and thought your statements about passing jobs bills were just another excuse...

You Sir and your Democratic members of congress (both in the House and Senate) are in power and can pass whatever you like! So far you like Health Care and Wall Street Reform. Do either of these show me and others in my Country show me that your party is focused on what the people want? I say no and all of the people I communicate with say the same thing.

My question is, with the power that you and the Democrats have today why are you not forcing true job creation bills only not cluttered up fat laws like heath care and wall street?
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Julie Rasinski Posted 8 years ago
I watched it to, EXCUSES, EXCUSES, EXCUSES!!! Stop blaming George Bush! We are not that dumb to fall into the story that it wasn't your (President Obama's) fault. Get with the business of FIXING government and creating jobs! Now please!
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