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Congressman Joe Kennedy III (D)
Location: Massachusetts (4th district)
Affiliation: Democrat
Website: http://www.http://kennedy.hou...
Rating: 33%
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Fiscal Responsibility
Eric Roberts Posted 7 years ago
VIDEO: Legalize marijuana now. Why is alcohol legal and marijuana is not, It is all POLITICAL!

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Federal Budget
Sebastian Posted 7 years ago
I have heard promises from politicians from the time I have been old enough to understand speech. Like most Americans I am totally sick of empty promises!

We are now at a point where a decision must be make by all to really address the fact Government spending must be reduced. The question is who will have to sacrifice. You are perceived as one of the great spenders currently in office. Will you identify 3 programs that you will make the hard decision and talk about cutting at least 10% from the federal budget? It's impossible to sustain the purchase of our federal bonds by our own government, like Bill Gross said it's a Ponzi Scheme! Will you do your part to fix it Congressman?
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Yale Harrison Posted 7 years ago
I am a high school student who listens to my family argue about politics every day. They mostly think you and others who have been in Congress way too long promising things you think we want to hear but never delivering because you blame someone else for not being able to fix America. If I could vote, I would write in the names of the best business people in America to take over and fix everything. I used to think about being a politician but now after watching the way you all are behaving I have changed my mind. I would like to be a public servant but don't call me a politician because they don't tell the truth. I would rather be called a problem solver that works for the people. You can keep calling yourself a politician because it suits you.
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John Greene Posted 7 years ago
Poli; meaning, many
tics; meaning, blood sucking insects
so politics is: many blood sucking insects!
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