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Fiscal Responsibility
Michael Gordon Posted 5 years ago
According to John Birch Society you have only a 52% lifetime conservative voting record. also per JBS, Hilary Clinton has a more conservative record than you do
1. Why do you consistently vote against the issues of liberty and conservative values
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Lou Shirley Posted 5 years ago
Dear Senator, Are you aware that Iran has held countless international conferences over the fact that it does not want any nuclear weapons to be in the Middle East period. Iran does not want nuclear weapons nor does it want anyone else to have them. Ayatollah Khamenei has done a fatwa against the Iran owning nuclear weapons.

It is well known that Israel has nuclear weapons. Also it is well known that Israel is close friends with Saudi Arabia (you know, the country where 16 of the 19 hijackers involved in 9/11 came from.

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Foreign Policy
William Finucan Posted 5 years ago
Why do you (we) allow the question of Iran's nuclear program concerns to be limited by "The Bomb"? There are so many more ways to use the product they will be producing to do horrific damage to areas of their own choosing. .. Little pressure cooker dirty bombs in water systems, oil refineries, cities, etc. Why are these issues not addressed?
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Foreign Policy
Joanie Roberts Posted 5 years ago
Israel can NOT be compromised. FOR ANY REASON.Congress,do your job
You were ALL hired by the American people,TALK IS CHEAP,do what we hired
All of you to do.!
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Lou Shirley Posted 5 years ago
Where would you like this to end up?

Russia is now involved and it has nuclear weapons. President Assad is still in power in Syria because of the Russians and Putin has made it clear he will not sell out President Assad.

If things hot up the list of targets are likely to be:

1) Israel especially Dimona. It will be hit from several directions
2) Saudi Arabia oil fields destroying the US petrodollar
3) US military bases in the Middle East and
4) North Korea will most likely do an EMP attack on the US.

Iran is not the bad guy here
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Foreign Policy
Pter Szigeti Posted 5 years ago
Sir, I live in East-Europe, in Hungary. What is your opininion, is it necessery to give lethal weapons and send advisers by the US to Ukraina. What do you think on the possible escalation of the war (civil war?) between Ukraina and Russia?
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Amy Palumbo Posted 5 years ago
Do you think Israel is good or bad? Simple question to really think about.
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Lou Shirley Posted 5 years ago
Israel is like any good house dog, it is great as long as it is clear about what its place is and knows the boundaries it must stay within.

It is never a good idea to let your dog thinks he owns the house, because he is sure to run amok.
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Foreign Policy
George A. Posted 5 years ago
Why do you feel the government leaders of Israel are so vehemently opposed to a US/Iranian negotiated nuclear agreement?
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Lou Shirley Posted 5 years ago
Israel still believes that it and the Saudis can be the major powers in the Middle East but they have missed the boat.

Relative to the rest of the world the US is losing power, so is the rest of the west. Israel was hoping to do a major land grab and be a major power in the Middle East.

The US has pushed Iran and India into the arms of China and Russia. The US has lost more in the past 15 years than it has gained.
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Donna Manning Posted 5 years ago
I will tell you why Israel is so opposed to the Iran nuclear talks!! Iran is very much trying to destroy Israel and the US by the way. All the talks are doing is giving Iran more time for their uranian enrichment program. They can sit here all day long and tell you they are not going to use nuclear product for bombs but it can be used for power but in reality Iran WILL do exactly the opposit of what they promise. And by then it will be too late to stop them..
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Conrad Gabbard Posted 5 years ago
Those hoping for a “better” deal with Iran should review some Islamic doctrine and history. The “holy” Koran: the immortal, infallible words of the only god in Islam’s universe, relayed precisely by Mohammed, tells believers over 90 times in different ways to obey and imitate Mohammed - the ideal Muslim - in all things for all time. Mohammed made only one treaty with a more-powerful, non-Muslim entity: the Meccans Treaty at Hudaybiya, to avoid being wiped out by them. That ten-year treaty is the model for all treaties and pacts with more powerful non-Muslim forces. Look it up!
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Posted 5 years ago
VIDEO: Congressman Whitfield responds to George about Israel and Iraq

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Per Kurowski Posted 6 years ago
Since banks decide how much to lend and at what rate depending on how they perceive the risks, how come regulators also require banks to hold more equity when lending to those perceived as risky then when lending to those perceived as safe?

That discriminates against the fair access to bank credit of those perceived as risky, like small businesses and entrepreneurs and should be something prohibited in the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (Regulation B), but no one seems to care.
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Dr. Ben Carson Posted 6 years ago
Does a chronically depressed economy encourage government dependency?
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Posted 6 years ago
VIDEO: Rep. Whitfield responds to Dr. Ben Carson's question.

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Chris Gould Posted 6 years ago
Why hasn't Congress impeached the president for lying to us ??? what's a matter no one there have the guts to go after this dictator in the oval office??
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