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Senator Cory Gardner (R)
Location: Colorado
Affiliation: Republican
Rating: 50%
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Patrick Davis Posted 9 years ago
Why doesn't Senator Udall tell Harry Reid to pound sand and join the conference committee with Speaker Boehner to end the payroll tax impasse? This would show his commitment to good government over politics and country over party.
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Stephen Dunning Posted 9 years ago
Do you support reform of the current politically motivated and convoluted tax code with a flat tax and/or national sales tax that treats everyone equally?
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chrisabs Posted 10 years ago

You must be aware the American people are not happy about the runaway spending being supported by both Republicans and Democrats. I for one will not support this behavior due to the fact I, and most of my family and friends don't have the ability to write checks we don't have cash to cover. This is simple math to a normal person like me but I am starting to wonder if there's a different way of adding back in DC?

Senator DeMint sponsored a spending reduction package this week with two items our Elected Officials need to agree to:

1. Ban congressional earmarks for at least one year so lawmakers can begin to break their addiction to pork-barrel spending.

2. Pass a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution forcing Congress to balance the federal budget each year.

Will you support these two solutions that I think are the key first step in solving our problems. Come on now, deep down you don't think that spending even more money is going to help us do you?
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Kristy Smeltzer Posted 10 years ago
Senator, I have a way for you to survive the Health Care trap that you are walking into. Here's the plan. Reduce the plan to enact it in just one state. Run it the way it is written for 24 months in your State and then after it has been proven to do what it is being promoted to do take it Nationwide! Would you be willing to do this?
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